Liquid State Physics :

Croxton, Clive A.,

Liquid State Physics : A Statistical Mechanical Introduction / Clive A. Croxton. - 1 online resource (432 pages) : digital, PDF file(s). - Cambridge Monographs on Physics . - Cambridge Monographs on Physics. .

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First published in 1974, Dr Croxton's book takes the reader from a consideration of the early ways in which the kinetic theory of gases was modified and applied to the liquid state, through a classical thermodynamic approach, to the modern cluster-diagrammatic quantum and statistical mechanical techniques. He includes chapters on the development and numerical solution of the integral equations relating the atomic structure to the pair potential, on the nature of the liquid surface, on the computer simulation schemes and on transport processes and irreversibility in the liquid phase.

9780511753480 (ebook)

Kinetic theory of liquids

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